"Happy Days" kit by Rachel at Steel City Scraps

This kit is gorgeous! Rachel at Steel City Scraps did an amazing job on her kit, "Happy Days". I had tons of fun making these layouts! Be sure to visit Rachel and check out her shop! She does great work!


Here's the header:


Here's the 3 column layout:



Here's the header:


Here's the 3 column layout:



Christina said...

Lots of love coming from here!!! Thanks so much for the three columns! I'm soooo excited! You're awesome!

Moira said...

oh wow! those are so cute!

Kaylyn said...

I am super excited that you are back from your vacation. I hope you had a wonderful time! I am ready to put some spring in my blog! :)

Braden said...

Very minutely articulated and made scrap booking layout designs, right type of concentration that is needed in accomplishing these types of tasks

Sandy Davis said...

This is such a beautiful layout and I used the 3 column page for my blog layout. You do wonderful work. Thank you so much.

Jenny said...

I love these! I have a question. I tried to install the first design (3 column), but the pretty blue on the sides is not showing. The background is cut off at the brown/blue dots. Is there a way for me to get the sides to show?