More from Brenda Smith Designs!

As soon as I saw this kit I was in love. I love the muted reds, yellows, and blues! This is a perfect kit for the boys in your life! This is from her "Kale" kit. You need to see what others have done with this kit on her blog and once you've stopped by there, check out her sweet shop. Remember, you can buy her WHOLE store for $25 until the end of the year! Is that not a smokin' deal, or what?!

The one below doesn't have the word art on the bottom right.

Here's the header and here's the instructions.
Now doesn't Brenda make the sweetest kits?? I think so too! Thanks Brenda!


Brenda Smith Designs said...

You are so sweet! I love these the one on the bottom is definitely my fave! I couldn't decide which one I wanted to put on my blog but I think #246 and the beautiful header will be the ones. Thank you so much!

Lorie M Designs said...

wow! you blog designs are really wonderful! I hope I could learn how to make one like that too! thanks for showing!

Lorie M Designs said...

Hi's me again. I've sent you an e-mail.