Vicki's Latest Kit!

I am so excited about this kit! I just love Vicki's papers and embellishments. They're GORGEOUS! This is from her "Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland" Blog train and this kit is called "Shabby Christmas". I immediately fell in love once I saw the papers she had posted!

You can't afford to not get this kit! And when you pick it up, tell her how great she is! Thanks Vicki for making my day!

I've decided to make my top pages a little lighter so that your text is easier to read. So BOTH layouts have a cream/white transparent overlay that I have added myself (it does not come with the kit).

Enjoy and Happy Black Friday! Did anyone have the guts to go shopping today? Me? Heck no.


EnchantedCropper said...

These pages are gorgeous but the header is awesome. Ilove Vicki's designs and will head over there next. I've never done the blog myself before, but I think I can do it. As for Black Friday, it went on without me too! Thanks for offering these great pages. I'll get my blog in order and put your blinkie on there.

Kylie said...

Hi Allie,
Love the backgrounds and the header, that I used it on my blog for Christmas! It's such a fun background and header and the colours are yummy lol!
Thanks so much Allie!
Take Care XX


charlie said...

oh wow love what you did with vicki's kit!you talented miss!!!!!;)

Danyale said...

Thanks so much for the continual dosage of great work. You inspired me to reach outside the box and change my blog look, and now I will try to do a header that won't shame it :)

Jessica said...

I'm so excited about the Christmas and winter layouts!!!! Thanks for sharing your masterpieces, you're really great!
And there's no way I went shopping yesterday; stayed in my pj's and shopped online!

Vicki said...

Just back from a weekend away and I LOVE what you've done with shabby Christmas!! Thanks for sharing with everyone girly!

Janneke said...

oohh how beautiful ;)

I place it on my blog, I can not wait till christmas to use this ;)

Thank you

X Janneke

k8e said...

Well hello there! I just found your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your stuff! Thanks so much for sharing! I finally have a cute blog! Woo-Hoo!

Vickie said...

I came across your blog while visiting Sandy at Just For Fun. This is so cool. I love your layouts.

Oh and I never leave the house on Black Friday.

Moontje said...

You make beautiful layouts! Thanks for sharing them!!

Esther said...

lovely i sm going to sue this one for the holidays I think. Thankis again

jra923 said...

Love what you did with Vicki's kit! Have snagged and have already dressed my blog with this!! Again thanks!!