Welcome Brenda! See these Halloween Layouts!

Brenda of Brenda Smith Designs, came to me and asked me to make layouts with her super sweet, gorgeous kits! Like I could back down! I saw her kits and giggled with excitement. Her colors are extremely complimenting to eachother and very pleasing to the eye, regardless of how bright, neutral, or soft they are. You have to see her blog and her shop for these gorgeous kits.

Can you tell I'm a huge color guru?? I'm even a member of colourlovers.com!

These THREE layouts and header was made with her "Frightfully Frightful" kit. It's way too cute!

I have to other kits to make layouts with! I'm so psyched. So be on the lookout!

I don't know how well this layout'll work. Let me know if you try it.



Here's the header! Click here to know how to add it (Right clicking on the link and opening it in a new window would be easier).Hmmm, I'm having issues with being able to click on the header, so use the direct link I have made instead.


The Gibson's said...

Spooktacular! I love it. You do so well!!!!!

Cody & Brittney Long said...

Thank you for making more! I love them!!!

ENJAY said...

Hello, I got your link from Martines blog,I have used this header,which opened up fine when I clicked on it to save and the matching blog skin, thankyou!! You are all so clever!!!

Jolanda said...

Lovely! I used the header on my blog. I would like to use the matching layout but it seems I'm doing something wrong. I changed my layout to Minima but it became a large page without the layout I wanted. I changed my layout back to minima stretch. What am I doing wrong???

Cassie Bogart said...

hi Allie,
I got your website from my cousin Gina Lee, I was trying to download and use your spooky header, however when I save it and then try and upload it into my header, it tells me that the file is corrupt and unrecognizable. Any thoughts??