Come and see Rachel's "Delirious Love" kit!!

How fun and precious! I just love this kit! Especially the layered buttons! They were my favorite.

Rachel of Steel City Scraps is now a designer for Digital Candy! Congrats girl!

Here's her shop. Visit to see how you can get this beautiful, sweet kit!

Pay her a visit too and let her know how loved she is!

Here's the header! Remember to CLICK on the picture and THEN copy it to your computer to upload as your header on your account!

Rachel, you are a true talent! Thanks for this wonderful kit!


Julie said...

This is just so tempting.....but I must allow my now blog to at least get cold, before I change it again!! A bit like new clothes and shoes without all the expense!!!LOVE IT!!!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much !! These are amazing as always :)

Christie said...

So amazing Allie!! Awesome job.

Charlotte said...

I just discovered your site and I love it. I just decorated one of my blogs with this background. Here's the url if you would care to see it.
Thank you so much.

Michelle said...

I love this one with the hearts and have used it *hope that is allright?* my blog needed a makeover.thankyou

Paula said...

Thank you so much! I adore the buttons, and staples and string and such!

Goose Hill Farm said...

I just wanted to let you know I absolutely LOVE your site! I snagged this layout for a blog I share with my's PERFECT!


Giovanna said...

Bellissimi i layouts posso utilizzarlo per il mio blog?
Giovanna (