Made this on Sunday too...but didn't post it!

Irene made a super cute mini kit that I couldn't help but snatching to make this layout. The colors are just gorgeous! Go to her blog and pick up this kit! It's called "Wishing on a Flower".

Send her some love too. I know she would appreciate knowing who is picking up her items! Thanks Irene!


Stephanie said...

I love these layouts, can I really use them? Keep up the amazing work!

ESN said...

I just wanted to send a love for the backgrounds. I have a hard time finding perfect ones because I have a house full of boys and if I put girlie things on our family blog I get in trouble. But I always find wonderful things here. Also, I really love all of the backgrounds but because I use so many colors with my fonts my backgrounds can't be very textured. I do wish there were more plain backgrounds with the fun stuff just on the sides. The piano one is my favorite,and my usual one, but I do change it for about a week whenever there is a holiday. Thanks again. I love the backgrounds!

Nicki said...

absolutely beautiful, many thanks

e❧kristina said...

absolutely lovely, thank you very much!!!