Christie's new kit!

This is an adorable kit! Haha! That must be why her kit's name is "Simply Adorable"! I had fun making three layouts! There was so much stuff I easily could've made more layouts. Go to Christie's site and check it out! Thanks girl!


Christie said...

Soooooooooooo cute Allie!!! Love them. :) Great work girl!! You're rockin' the templates.

Trish said...

LOVE the layouts you have created! I havent used one yet, but I will probably be back by!

The Schneider Family said...

I really wanted to use one of the fourth of July templates, but I am having problems uplaoding. I'll try later. Good job!!

Jennie said...

I love your creative juices! Thanks again for creating such cute templates.

Good job on adding the drop shadows! If I might add a few more suggestions, remember to add drop shadows to all of the elements in the page. I've noticed that on some layouts, there are a few items missing a shadow, while others have them. This makes the page stand out as something a little "off".

Also, if you are able to rotate your embellishments to any degree left, right, 180 degrees, 90degrees, etc...then try to keep all of the elements on the page with matching lighted sides. Like buttons for instance. There are some buttons that have the light hitting them from the right side, and another button in the same grouping had the light hitting it from the opposite side. These little details are what help the all the elements blend into each other so that it won't stand out but blend together as they should.

And lastly, try to add depth to the drop shadows accordingly. For instance, a piece of paper lying on top of another piece of paper will have a very small shadow or depth because the distance is very small between the two papers. When you place a ribbon on top of that paper, you will create a little bigger of a shadow because the distance is a little greater. Add a flower on top of that ribbon and the distance from the flower to the paper is even greater. Do you see what I mean?

Please don't hate me now! I just want you to succeed at something that you're passionate about! Good luck! You're fabulous!

Andrea said...

SOO CUTE!!! Love that purple & green!!1