Americana layouts!

Don't worry, I got the memo that the fourth of July is over. But I just LOVE red, white, and blue together! It gives that whole Americana-country feel. So when I came across Summer Driggs' blog and saw her "Freedom" kit (like on the fifth of July), I downloaded it anyway. I had a ton of fun making these layouts! Thank you Summer!

Paper and Embellishment for both layouts are from her "Freedom" kit.


charonfamily said...

I have the top one on my blog. LOVE IT! Can you make them wider to fit the whole page? Anways... Thanks. Barb

Andrea said...

GREAT job!!! I think "American" never goes out of style!

Q Crew said...

Hey Allison! I totally love that you know how to do this! I will definitely be using your layouts! I used an Americana one...can't help it with my hubby being in the Army! Thanks so much for helping my blog be cute!