Under Construction...

Just wanted to let you know if you stumble on here and things look out of place.

This blog needs a little face lift!

I'm hoping to have it done by tonight (considering I have the motivation to do so).

While you are on here, please pay your respect to a couple who live in Mesa, AZ and have been in a serious plane accident. The pilot died from it, and the couple were seriously burned. Please give them your love and, if possible PLEASE donate.


Carroll Farm said...

I am a little delayed apparently & I can't get the background thing again - can you help me please? I want to use the new one (123)- could you just send me the directions that used to be on the side.
Your computer SLOW friend. :) LOL

Julie said...

I love your new header! The whole blog looks great!!!!

charlie said...

Your blog is looking great!!!!

Train Wreck said...

Hello, came over from Carroll Farm"
I heard about that couple! It happened in a town about 30 min from where I live. It is a tragedy! My heart goes out to them!As well as their children. How nice of you to post a "please remember" for them.
You are very talented with you backgrounds also. Very Nice!