Check out Amanda Button's kit!

I was perusing around Amanda's blog, as I like to do as I love her photos and her craftiness and her inspirations to make me craftier--heck, just about everything that she posts, when I came across this freebie. I had to have it!! And you can too!

Are you not in LOVE with these colors? I've considered changing out my WHOLE blog with this kit until I considered the amount of time that would take.

...I'm still considering it. Do you all think my blog needs a facelift?

Check out Amanda's blog and let her know how awesome she is!

Here's the 3 column template layout.

And here's the fun header.

Note: the worn page is an overlay I put on Amanda's paper, it doesn't come with the kit.


dean said...

love it :)

Jessica said...

this is SO cute! I do have a question tho, I have mine set up for 3 colums, will this layout support that?

Carroll Farm said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that i searched for a layout for the 4th of July - but couldn't find one of yours that I liked and I feel like a traitor!! :)

Anywho - after the 4th, I am going to use on of your flag layouts.. :)

Little Lamb said...

I think the Spring mini kit would look great as a new face lift on your blog!!! Would love to see it! Thanks for all your layouts.