Tia and Dawn's "First Love Revisted" kit!

This is beautiful kit and it comes with an amazing story of first love lost and then reunited. Visit 2 Diva's Boutique and you can purchase this sweet kit here.

I had so much fun making this layout and header! I was in absolulte love with the papers of this kit...if you didn't notice by the layout!! :)


Here's a layout for all you 3 column sporters:


And here's the matching header:


Thanks Ladies! You rock!!


altalena said...

oh, very nice:)

Juicy Scrap said...

Hi hun, you've got an award waiting for you on my blog!

Elizabeth said...

I love your blog backgrounds. I have been making a few of my own, visit my blog at www.scrampersurfboard.blogspot.com

rokokkaya said...
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MLE said...

Love it! Just in time for my 3rd anniversary!! Thank you!!

Dana said...

Hi Allie!

I just updated my blog with your gorgeous layout "First love revisited". Love it to pieces! Thanks so much for sharing your terrific artwork!



the ones who farted. (yingye) :P said...

omgosh, I LOVE this one. you rock. but one thing is, last time I used another one, and I followed your instruction, but I still can't make it fullscreen ): help me ):

opalpearl3 said...

Thanks for the great layouts. I love them. Your site is wonderful.

Teresa said...
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