Welcome Livia of Livia Y Designs!

Livia wrote me a couple weeks ago, introducing herself and her wonderful designs! I was so excited when she showed me this kit! It's her "Heart Sweet Heart" kit. It's way too cute and perfect for the up and coming Valentine's Day! I love the soft colors of her palette! This kit is so versatile! I could've made several more layouts and headers! The inspirations were overwhelming!

If you would like this kit, check out Livia's store. There you'll see all of her neat kits! And for a limited time, this kit is 40% off!! How can you beat that??

And also, check out her fun blog! Be sure to drop her a line. I know she'd love that!




No longer do you need to copy the header. Just add the direct link (Below) to your header instead!! Hooray for simplicity, right?
Remember to click "SHRINK TO FIT"


Família de Pinho Marques said...

Hi Allie! Well, I'm from Portugal, and I really have to tell u this...

Simply LOVE your work!! And, if you don't know, there's lots, and lots of your designs in portugues blogs!

Sorry if I don't writte very well...

Lots of kisses, from Ana Bárbara!

P.S.: I will shore grab one for me! ;)

Livia said...


I LOOOOVE what you've done!
Thank you so much for the sweet words and the GORGEOUS work!!!

You really ROCK!


charlie said...

love it..livia has beautiful stuff!

Mrs. E said...

this is just beautiful. thanks!

mITSYBELLE said...

Absolutely gorgeous :)

Dawn Knapp said...

Hi Allie! I just found your blog and WOW!! I love all your stuff. I'm having a problem getting the header to work tho. I followed your instructions and I just can't get it to show up =( Help!! Here's my blog www.dawn10211.blogspot.com

Any suggestions?

opalpearl3 said...

Beautiful layout. Thanks.

Vera said...

Wonderfull,I love most the Background with the Hearts.

Brenda said...

I tried using your header too, but it didnt work for me. :( Your stuff is great..and you are very generous to be sharing your creations. Thanks!

SuziQinTX said...

love this, used it on my blog and it looks great, thank you! Linked you and Lyvia up with blinkies.