I'm BACK!!...But with issues.

The holidays were awesome and I thank everyone for their kind comments and even for those of you who sent me Christmas cards! How thoughtful!

Christmas was great! My hubby got me plane tickets so I can go see my best friend in Michigan! Wahooo! I've been wanting to go visit her for well over a year now!

And the New Year's wasn't anything special. My husband totally crashed on the couch at 11:30, after I asked him if he wanted to watch the ball drop with me. Oh well, we've spent 6 New Years together and plan on spending decades more together.

But I have a problem. On the 23rd, my laptop's power cord went out. It just suddenly died! So I ordered one online and have been waiting forever to get it.

I have three kits I want to get playing with but I can't because I don't have the means to on my desktop!! Grrrr. I've SOO been having laptop withdrawals.

So I apologize. I was hoping to start the first of the month with some awesome layouts but...I guess it'll have to wait.

Happy New Years to everyone and thanks for your patience!!


charlie said...

Hugs mate..grr..damn technology..lol..loads of people seenm to be having laptop probs..well you will have everyone waiting in anticipation of your layouts mate..everywhere i visit theses days seems to have your blog wear miss popularity ;)..good to see you back..missed ya!

Anonymous said...

Im just happy that you wrote here, your layouts are amazing and I have had it all the time now, I just change after mood and season.

[sorry my bad english, Im swedish]

Now Im woundering what laptop you have, if its a MAC or something else. I have a HP that I use and a MAC that just layes there, I dont understand the MAC.

I do scrapbooking album but not DIGIscrap. Im no good at that *lol*
I have a blogspot and I have your layout but does my own header.
whit DIDL my dautghter loves him/her [diddlina] but I have only layouts that have white in the middel, so my photos can be seen, I have a white frame arround them.

I hope you now can have a nice and good day and I will be back *lol*

Regards [hug] m i @

mcscraps5 said...

Love your site and your layouts. They are wonderful. I am trying to learn how to make my blog "pretty" instead of using standard templates from Blogger. I'm getting a lot of inspiration. Happy New Year!

Simply Sarah said...

sorry to hear your BAD news.... it hurts when we can't play with our toys, huh? I will be in your pain later this week... DH wants to take the laptop to work... I looked at him like he was crazy....

well, I will stop by again...

Majors said...

I LOVE your work!! How do you put them on my blog? I am new at this thing.

It'z A Neet Design said...

Hey Allie! Glad to see you back! I missed you. Sorry you are having problems with your laptop. I can not imagine going thru that. Knock on wood! Go check out my blog. I have been putting my PSE to work!!!!

Rebekah said...

Thank you for the beautiful layouts. I found you through a friend and loved what I saw. I grabbed two of them.
They are wonderful

Have a great New Year

Chelly said...

Hello, pardon for my bad English ... I count on the help of Google translator pope translate that text ... I am Brazilian and I speak only my language (Portuguese) ...
Well, first I would like to congratulates her by designers wonderful for blogs that you create ...
Actually I came today to make a request ... I have a blog (BLOGSPOT) and would like if it were possible, you make a tutorial of how to create HTML code to put the kits on my blog ... I do not know anything about dealing with HTML, I feel ashamed ... But already sought help in various forums and I got no help ...
If you can help me, be grateful!
Hugs Chelly

Contact: chelsant_fsa@hotmail.com or michelly.oliveira.nascimento@hotmail.com and my blog www.chelsant.blogspot.com

Shane and Michelle said...

Hi Allie, you have created beautiful blog layouts! I was wondering if you could put together a beautiful new background for me. I specifically want one with dark red background (see the color red I'm talking about at my blog now http://shanemichelle.blogspot.com). Right now I still have the Christmas theme on the sides but I don't want ANY theme so I can use the same background for the whole year. Again, my blog is http://shanemichelle.blogspot.com, if for some reason you have a trouble accessing it, or are confused about my preferences, please email me at butler.michelle77@gmail.com. Also, please include the cost. Thank you so much!

Len, Kristy, and The Boys said...

Hi Allie: First time at your site! I LOVE IT!!!! What awesome layouts you have. I can't believe how creative...So Not many sites that have a matching header. Just wanted to let you know how wonderful you are :) Thanks again!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

WELCOME BACK ALLIE with issues!!! This is Bon Scrapatit Designs visiting you WITH issues!!! LOL!

It seems to be a plague this winter as SO many of us are having computer woes!

I've not contacted you as I was busy setting up my new computer, just about ready to start repacking kits and then the hard drive on my new system FAILED three weeks into my transferring files over!!! ACK!

ALL is good, new hard drive in place, restoring files on old system via Mozy and awaiting new EHD for new system along with an external casing for failed HD to, hopefully, retrieve my 200+ GB's of data!!!

SO ... I shall get back with you just as soon as I am caught up and ready to open my new stores!!!

You are just the BEST on the NET in the BLOG attire department and you make it look SO darn easy, although to me, it is NOT! LOL!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE BROWN'S!!! May it be a year FULL of ALL things GOOD - GOOD health, joy, LOVE, peace, HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY!!!


Linda *hearts*