A new friend.

I just love the internet. I love how many people I've met and made friends from this wonderful gift.

I met a friend last night who needed blog help. Her name is Lynette and has a large amount of beautiful photo art. She does everything from Photo Restoration, to business cards. Check out her webpage here: http://www.lynettesphotoart.com/ and be sure to bookmark her page as I'm sure that knowing her will come in handy!!

She also has beautiful FREE artwork on her blog. Her work is breathtaking!

Please visit her sites and send her love. Tell her I sent you her way too. She is super talented, a super sweetheart, and has a heart of gold. She is, like she has called me, a sister-in-Christ.

I'm blessed to have met you Lynette! God bless.


Robyn said...

Allie, i know what you mean.
I can't wait to see Lynette's 'spot'.

I wanted to share with you and award that was given to me.
Please pop over to my blog to see.

Hugs to you,
Robyn xx

eilajean said...

You are correct, she is amazing!

Kindra said...

Hi Allie,
where did you get your Salt Lake Temple Widget? I would love to add one to my blog.