Christie's "The Shabby Summer" kit!

I am in love. For those who know me, I love shabby chic. And therefore, I love this kit! Christie did such a good job on it! You have to check out her blog and her shop and let her know just how talented she is! Her work is beautiful!

She has a mini freebie kit of this too! Go get it on her blog and send her some love!

And here's the header. Remember to click the header first and then copy it!! Also, when you upload it to your blog, click SHRINK TO FIT!!


Cody & Brittney Long said...

I love your layouts. They're always SO cute!! Will you do some more fall/thanksgiving ones???

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

GORGEOUS work with the LOVELY and TALENTED Ms. Christie Lemmon's newest scrapkit, *Shabby Summer* Ms. Allie!!!

Christie does, indeed, do a FABULOUS job and has some ADORABLE and UNIQUE goodies in her store! She is a VERY sweet young lady to boot!

Thank you SO much for sharing and while I don't post many blinkies on my already cluttered blog, I am snagging yours today (meant to do it last night and it was funny because you posted while I was preparing my blog entry - THANK YOU!)to post for ALL to see. You are SO creative and I shall be ringing your door bell VERY soon! OOOPSIE ... now you might not answer! He, he ... :)

Linda :)

charlie said...

oh wow thats STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christie said...

Allie you are amazing!!! These are so gorgeous. You continue to amaze me with you amazing talent.

Linda you are too sweet!!!

Thanks to both of you I am officially blushing!!

Scott and Andrea said...
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Scott and Andrea said...

- I got my background at If you scroll down on my blog I have a ton of links to other designers. It's so hard to chose sometimes! No I didn't make it myself though. I'm not that talented!

kalesmom4ever said...

Thank you so much for these. I would be interested in you making some of these awesome layouts with my kits. Would you e-mail me if you are interested?
My store(to see if you like my stuff)

I make my own templates for my blog, but I really like yours. LOL

kalesmom4ever said...

LOL I should have left my email huh.