Check out what is to become my next big giveaway!

The giveaway hasn't started yet!! I still have a few more things to do until it's ready. But I wanted you to get first glimpse at it!

Click here.

And I'm doing this all with my brand spankin' new kit called "Perfect Imperfection".

I'm not giving away/selling the kit just yet. There are 11 papers and 52 elements. Not all elements are shown on the preview below.


charlie said...

wowsers that looks fanatstic..ill e in that!

charlie said...

I have an award on my blog for you!

Kevin and Andrea said...

so stinkin' cute! I love it! You are so creative, thanks for sharing your awesome talents with us "less experienced" gals :)

Nic said...

This is by far the best new layout sight I have found! I added you as a link to my site. Anyway you could do more options with glitter elements or sparkly stuff. You have one here that is to die for but my friend took it. Keep up the good work!

Nic said...

I meant to say: Could you do more glitter stuff? (as a question). Sorry, I didn't mean to sound pushy. I love your stuff!!

Christie said...

Wow Allie!!! You're designing now?!?! Congrats!!!
I just read your comment on my blog--I know...horrible blogger award goes to ME. ROFL I didn't exactly dye my hair-more like didn't dye it for about a year, lol. This is my natural hair color and it's actually growing on me. Love all your layouts-you are so talented. I'm gonna email you this week with some new kits!!! Keep an eye out.

Scott and Andrea said...

When are you going to give away/sell this? It is SO CUTE!

Nicki said...

beautiful, i would love to be able to design these! they are absolutely fab, many thanks