Welcome Missy!

Missy from Scraps with Attitude kindly gave me one of her kits to make layouts and a header from. This beautiful kit is called "Precious" I just love the combination of (quoting my 4 year old Daughter) Princess pink, Cinderella blue, and Tinkerbell green. It's perfect!

Please visit Missy's blog and check out her cute stuff, as well as send her some love for her good work!

Thanks Missy!



Here's the header. Please remember to click on the image first and then copy it to your computer. Then, when you upload it to you blog, remember to FIRST click SHRINK TO FIT.


Kevin and Andrea said...

oooh I love it! I guess the background is going to have to change....AGAIN!! I am really loveing the headers, they are so fun, and make the pages look so much cuter!

mel_h said...

hi allie!

just a big thank you once again! i really love what you do, i will definitely pop in often!

much love,
mel xxxxxxxxxx

Scraps with Attitude said...

Hey Girl!! OMG!! Its absolutely Beautiful!! I just might have to use this in the very near future!! Great job! Any of my work you are welcome to it! Just give me a holler!!

Kimberly said...

SO adorable! I love stopping by to see what you have created! You're awesome!!!

Miss T said...


Scraps with Attitude said...

I am using this layout with my kit! I have 2 of you on my CT and its hard to deceide what layout to use! lol...

Scraps with Attitude said...

You have an award on my blog hun!

Kim said...

omg i love this one!! deff for me!!!

Kylie said...

G'DAY Allie,
I have used one of your wonderful blog backgrounds and header and I'm loving it! Love that it suits my blog and the colours are so fresh and bright!
Thank you sooooooooo much!
I love the fact you have matching headers to go with the backgrounds. I try to make these myself but it all goes over my head and ends up in one big mess lol! Look forward to changing my background with your designs to suit my mood lol!
Thanks again Allie. I've put one of your blinkies on my blog.
Take Care