Two layouts and a header from Vicki's latest!

This is from Vicki's "Summer Cocktail" kit! I was so excited to get it and of course, you can't afford to not get it either! The colors are SO fun and funky and I am love the embellishments. Vicki does awesome work! Be sure to pick up this freebie and tell her how great she is! She would love hear from you!

And here's the header! But guess what! A new friend, Tiffany, wrote me and told me how she customized her header font on Paint! I was ecstatic!
Here's what you do:
Copy the header (like you would usually do)
Pull it up on your Paint program
Add text to it, changing the font to your preference (can you add photos to it that way too?? Comment if you tried--I would LOVE to hear from you).
Then save it again (as JPEG, it should already be in that format)
And then upload it as your blog header (remember to click "Instead of Title and Description" and "SHRINK TO FIT")
And Viola!! No more generic blog header font! You have customized it!
Thanks Tiffany!


Vicki said...

Fantastic Allie - LOVE them! Thanks for sharing!

charlie said...

wow another woser of a layout from you gorgeous lady..stop showing dont keep them coming..i love seeing how creative you are with everyones kits!

Miss T said...

very nice work Allie!Thanks for all your help!

Amanda said...

LOVE this one!! The header is awesome!! :)

Jen said...

Love it! Thanks for offering such great layouts for free!

Anonymous said...

great work! love it! :)

Mother Goose said...

im currently using this one. love it!

Preds Girl said...

I LOVE this header!!

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

How beautiful - I have used this blog layout and header!! Check out my blog

Thanks so much - your work is awesome!! I also gave you credit for it at the top of my blog!!

Hugs!! :)