Making Headers

Though the poll to the right still has a few days left on it, it looks like I'm going to be making some blog headers!

The question is, how do I make them? That sounds wrong. I KNOW how to make them, but how do I give them to you?

I wanted to make them where you can downwload it insert your own photos and text. But the only way I know how you can do that, is through photoshop. And if you are like I was, you may either have photoshop and it never gets touched because it's the least user friendly program for mankind, or you are like I am now and feel pretty confident in it and can personalize them with ease.

My question is this: are there other programs that are out there, for cheap (if not FREE) for people to upload my headers, and add photos where needed and also add text to personalize it? Or can you only do that with photoshop?

Am I making any sense?

I wanna make these headers! But I want them to be perfect for you too!


Samantha said...

I have been trying to add one of your layouts to my blog for like an hour! I keep reading your directions over and over again. I cannot find anywhere where it says direct link. I LOVE your layouts and really want to use them! HELP PLEASE!

charlie said...

What a great idea...I'm sure your headers would be perfect like your layouts!

Samantha said...

Okay, I don't mean to sound like an idiot. The whole blog thing is new to me. :) Now I understand what the direct link is, but I don't see where it says that anywhere??? I hope I am not being a pain.

digitalclutter said...

There is a program, very much like Photoshop, that is free. It is called the GIMP, and I love it. It isn't the easiest, user friendly program, like Photoshop, but it's free and pretty powerful. It is what I use for all my layouts. Doing a search for GIMP will give you various sites that will have the program for download. I use a Mac, so I go to for mine.

Abish Allen said...

Another option is to save the header as a PNG file, that way you can open it with whatever program you happen to use.

OnlyAmanda said...

Gimp is the program that I use. I learned how to do different things with it on there is a group there called Gimp Siggy Creations (but it is for signature making... though can use the tuts to learn how to use GIMP..) I find it easier than psp ... the animation is awesome on there! So easy! :) Amanda