Three layouts--one animated--from Rachel's "Castle on a Cloud" kit

When Rachel sent me this kit, I was immediately excited. I could see layout inspirations popping immediately in my head! I really, really like this kit. You have to see it! It is perfect for the little princess in your life.

Thanks Rachel! Keep those kits coming!


Rachel said...

AHHH! Allie these are so incredible. How the heck am I going to pick? I love the animated one -- but the one you have up right now is a cutie too! Incredible! Thanks a bunch :)

Jennie said...

I really love the polka dot with pink and buttons!

To answer your question, I'm not certain what percentages to make things at because I don't have the software. I just tinker with distances of the shadows and when I find a realistic distance, then I write it down to remember for future instances. It's just something I look at with my "eye" and judge whether or not it looks realistic. Sorry I can't be more of technical help in giving you exact numbers.

As a page template designer for Heritage Makers, do they let you play around with all the features too? That's where I learned a lot about what looks good for shadow distances, etc.

Also, I bet there is a yahoo group for ditigal scrappers out there that you could join (if you don't already have a support group) for free advice and ideas for all things in the digital scrapbook world. Good luck!

hillari said...

hi, I'm a friend of Brandi Schneider's. I put the simple green layout on my blog. Thanks!

Heather said...

I am one of Rachel's creative team members. I just added one of the backgrounds you made using her Castle on a Cloud kit. I love it!! Thank you very much!!