No way, right? I am totally psyched right now! Hooray!

Anyways...I got this lovely kit from the wonderful Andrea. This is from her "Dad's Den" kit.

Don't worry, I am NOT DONE with this kit. There'll be some more layouts from it! I'm just so excited to show you my new discovery!



Andrea said...

Allie!! This is so CUTE & COOL!!! Love the animation!! It's like a blog-blinkie! LOL :)

Dina said...

Allie! Eu adorei ter recebido sua mensagem. Obrigada pelos elogios ao meu trabalho. E como também não traduzo bem o ingles, resolvi usar o "". Gostei muito do novo layout, com animação. Ficou perfeito! Parabéns!
Ótima semana para você também.


Kristi said...

I love yor blog! I change my background almost everyday & my husband laughs at me. It is a girl thing, right?!?!
Thanks again!!!!

Jennie said...

How exciting and different too! By the way, I love LOVE this layout. Brown and blue with damask design, YUM!

You have a great eye for coordinating colors and making them so cute!

You're doing great with the 3D effects of layering with the light angles and shadows on all elements.

Remember to watch the depth distance of shadows when layering elements on top of each other. Like the layout right below this one. The metal rings that the ribbons are tied through are set too high off the the paper. They should be really close to the paper. And the depth for the flowers on top of the metal rings are the same distance to the paper as the metal rings, which in essence, they should appear farther away from the paper then the metal rings. To fix it, the flower should be exactly the distance you put them at right now, and the metal rings, closer to the paper.

I'm so sorry, you must be sick of my picky eye! You've come such a long way in such short time, congrats! I mean, look at you!! 100 templates! Holy cow! You're amazing, really!

I would love to design templates too, but we don't have photo shop or anything similiar. I just learned all of this knowledge when I worked in a photography studio for 4 years before I got married. And I also learned a lot from playing around on Heritage Makers when I did my first book with them last year.

EvieJPu said...

Allie..i love all your layout..
and this like it

Jensen Family :) said...

I just put this on my blog. Love it. So fun with the blinkies.

Helga said...

Allie do you speak Portuguese??? Just curious... I'm from Brazil but live in UTah :)

LaCresha said...

This is my first time to your site and I have tears running down my face right now!!!! I just had a baby girl and looking at your designs makes me think about how blessed I am to have such a precious jewel like my baby girl Kaylyn! Your work is as precious as my daughter! Thank you for letting your gift shine bright for all the world to see! You have blessed me!

Cree D. :)