Thank you Rachel from Divine Digital!

Another digi scrap maker wanted me to use her kits to make layouts! Rachel from has some super cute stuff! Here's what I've made (so far). Thanks girl!

This is from her "Millie's Garden" kit

From her "Summer Cottage" kit

From her "Kay" kit

She also has a blog! Go check it out and tell her how great her kits are!


Rachel said...

Miss Allison Brown --- YOU ROCK! These are incredible ! I am so stoked you made these with my kits! I hope alot of people enjoy your amazing work that you are so generous to share!

-- you are a sweetie!
creating as Steel City Scraps

Poshy Princess said...

Hi Allison,
The colors of Millie's Garden was just what I was looking for.
I grabbed it and love it.
Here is the link
Thanks and hugz.

Krystal said...

These are gorgeous! I am using one on my scrap blog. Thank you sooo much. I really appreciate you doing this and I want you to know that you do amazing work!!

Krystal said...

I completely understand how you feel. Honestly though I love your layouts. You do a great job on all of them!

I am not sure how much useful my kits would be, I am very new to this but feel free to use ; ) I really appreciate it.